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  1. Зенобия, Королева Грифаримов

    Зенобия, Королева Грифаримов

    Король грифаримов Оденат с первого взгляда влюбился в прекрасную дочь Магала, наместника Ашары. Все жители столицы были очарованы Зенобией и радостно приветствовали ее на улицах...

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  2. The War of the Guilds

    The War of the Guilds

    The Free City of Vallor has been an important hub on the continent even in the old days. For Signum it became a repository of...

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  3. Roland Proud, Marshal-Protector

    Roland Proud, Marshal-Protector

    The Holy Grypharim Empire, akin to a phoenix, was reborn from the ashes of the old world. It happened mostly by virtue of the bravery...

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  4. The Holy Grypharim Empire

    The Holy Grypharim Empire

    The Holy Grypharim Empire is one of the most powerful states in the Signum. The power of the Empire is based on three orders: the...

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  5. Free City of Vallor

    Free City of Vallor

    Vallor itself is a real city-state. Like a huge cauldron, it has united people from different nations and even races from every corner of Signum...

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  6. Dogs of War

    Dogs of War

    In the game "Legends of Signum" you cannot do without mercenaries. These dogs of war have a lust for fame and money. Some of them...

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