1. Important information for all of our backers!

    Important information for all of our backers!

    We are glad to announce, that Late Pledging start its work! On your email (which was specified at the survey) was (or will be) sended...

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  2. Healer abilities

    Healer abilities

    This article is devoted to the part of the army, which always hiding behind the back of the main units, nevertheless their support is very...

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  3. A live wallpaper for your smartphone

    A live wallpaper for your smartphone

    We want to thank all our subscribers for their support during the Kickstarter campaign! We have prepared for you a gift - this is a...

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  4. Draft Mode in "Legends of Signum"

    Draft Mode in "Legends of Signum"

    Hello dear readers, after some articles about game mechanics – it’s time to talk about game modes as well. Here we will take a look...

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  5. 1 day left!

    1 day left!

    Completion of our Kickstarter: 23.00 July 6th CET 17.00 July 6th EST Do not miss your chance!

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  6. 3 days left before completion

    3 days left before completion

    There are 3 days left to complete the kickstart! The stretchgoals has been updated! There are more goals and they are more accessible. And...

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  7. Control abilities

    Control abilities

       Previous article was about Shooters and their different types, alongside melee fighters – they are the most numerous amount in the game, other creatures...

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  8. Explanation about our temporary "freezing"
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  9. We are unfrozen!

    We are unfrozen!

    Our project is alive again! We are extremely grateful to you for the warmth and support in these cold two weeks. The KS...

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  10. Range Shooters

    Range Shooters

       It is the next article devoted to combat mechanics in Legends of Signum. Here we will have a detailed look at range shooters –...

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