Goblin Secretary

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Material: high-quality resin cast.
Scale: 32mm.
Height: 34mm.
Properties: unpainted, unassembled.
ø32 mm. round plastic base and game card are included
Shipping: usually ships within 3 working days from the day of payment.

   There were many goblins in the Clerk Guild of the Free City of Vallor, as besides their penchant for eating old letters they were known for their tenacity and attention to detail. If a goblin made a mistake, three were ready to take his place, so building a career was very difficult. Only with extraordinary effort Calcit was able to rise higher than the junior clerk position. He knew he had potential for more — for example, to become a senior bookkeeper for the Guild or even, shall the Great Rat forgive him, an Inspector, — but goblins were never assigned to such posts.
   Calcit would never turn his ambition into reality, but for an accidental encounter with a young and still unheard of Tibo de Bazan. The lesser aristocrat had hardly enough money for an old lackey, but he had a title and access to the high society of Vallor. Tibo needed a smart and responsible assistant, and he could not afford to pay to a human secretary. So he offered the place to Calcit.
– I have no money to pay you, — he said, — but together we’ll be able to open any doors in Vallor, including the doors of bank vaults.
   Privately Calcit thought that the patrician was too full of himself, but he caught at the proposal eagerly. The human and the goblin become the means for success for each other. First Vallor aristocrats only ridiculed Tibo de Bazan and his secretary. But as years passed, Tibo de Bazan became the Master of Coin, and Calcit was his irreplaceable bookkeeper.
   Tibo owes much of his business success to the effort of his secretary, and the main thing is that he is absolutely confident in his loyalty, because no one in Vallor can offer the intelligent and ambitious goblin a better position or a more interesting job.

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