Dear customers! During Late Pledging campaign, shipping costs will be different from common shipping prices:

If an amount of order is under 64 EUR - shipping is 12 EUR
within 65-119 EUR - shipping is 16 EUR
within 120-199 EUR - shipping is 20 EUR
within 200-479 EUR - shipping is 36 EUR
over 480 EUR - shipping is 52 EUR

Do not forget to check the accuracy of your email address.
If you haven´t received any letter from us: or your address is wrong, or check spam box!

We ship all over the world!

Shipping cost for particular order prices:

under 20 EUR - shipping is 5 EUR
within 20-40 EUR shipping is 6 EUR
within 40-80 EUR shipping is 8 EUR
within 80-120 EUR shipping is 10 EUR
within 120-150 EUR shipping is 12 EUR

If you have any additional questions, please email us on, we will be more than happy to help you.

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